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School board approves coaching assignments and supplements

Chairman Corkey Taylor called to order the Friday, April 28, 2023, called session of the Cook County Board of Education.

The invocation was given by Board Member Sharon Locklear. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Tim Dixon led the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Approval of agenda

Motion made by Board Vice-Chairman Chad Sumner; motion seconded by Ms. Locklear. Unanimously approved.

Coaching assignments and supplements

Dr. Dixon presented the coaching assignments and supplements for the 2023-2024 school year. He noted that there are a few positions yet to be filled. The assignments and supplements were presented as List A and List B. The first vote recorded was for List A. The coaching assignments and supplements were attached to the agenda for this board meeting.

On List A, motion made by Board Member Brenda Moore, seconded by Board Member Sumner.

Voting: Corkey Taylor – No; Chad Sumner – Yes; Sharon Locklear – Yes; Brenda Moore – Yes; and Board Member Jeff Taylor – No. The motion passed 3-2.

List A includes:

Paul Dobson, Athletic Director, 12 month contract + $10,000; Middle School AD – Audrey Stacks, Athletic Director, 11 Month/$5,000.

Lauren Spires, Athletic Business Manager, $4,800.

Ty McDowell, All Sports, Audio Visual, $3,000.

Football: Byron Slack, Head Football, 12 Month/$27,864; Jackson Dean, Offensive Coordinator, 12 Month/$11,000; Chad Wheeler, Defensive Coordinator, 12 Month/$11,000; Cornelius Brown, Assistant Football, 11 Month, $6,000; Dustin Larkin, Assistant Football, 11 Month, $6,000; Zach Folsom, Assistant Football, 11 Month, $4,500; Clifford Pettiford, Assistant Football, $4,500; Ronard White, Assistant Football, $4,000; Tavaris Williams, Assistant Football, $4,000; Adam Gray, Assistant Football, $4,000; Charlie Wiggins, Assistant Football, $4,000; and Luis Tyson, Assistant Football/Special Teams, $2,500.

Middle School Football

Kyle Langford, Operational Director, 11 Month/$3,000; TBA – Eighth Grade Head Football, $3,500; Phillip Walker, 7th Grade Head Football, $3,500; Jamie Thompson, 6th Grade Head Football, $3,500; Khari Clayton, Assistant Football, $2,500; and Trenton Mathis, Assistant Football, $2,500.


Jeremy Brown, Head Boys Basketball (Varsity), $5,000 + 10 days; Cornelius Brown, Assistant Boys Basketball, $2,000; TBD, Assistant Boys Basketball, $2,000; Charles Clayton, Community Coach Boys, $500.

Clemmie Foster, Head Girls Basketball (Varsity), $5,000 + 10 days; Cornelius Brown, Assistant Girls Basketball (Varsity), $2,000; TBD, Assistant Girls Basketball (Varsity), $2,000; and Charles Clayton, Community Coach, $500.

Middle School Basketball

Troy Williams, Head Boys, $1,500; and Khari Clayton, Head Girls, $1,500.


Rusty Beale, Head Softball (Varsity), $5,000 + 10 days; Jessi Beale, Assistant Softball, $2,000; Jace Walker, Assistant Softball, $2,000; and Hayley Pickle, Assistant Softball, $2,000.

Middle School Softball

Casey Cornelius, Head Softball, $1,500; and Emme Harper, Assistant Softball, $1,000.


Destry Walker, Head Wrestling Varsity, $5,000 + 10 days; Nathan Barnes, Assistant Varsity, $2,500; Trenton Mathis, Head Middle, $2,500; and Jordan Seago, Community Coach, $500.


Morgan Turner, Head High School Football Cheerleading (Varsity), $3,000; Morgan Turner, High School Competition Cheerleading, $3,000; Jayla Jackson, High School Assistant Cheerleading, $2,000; Samona Durr, Head High School Basketball Cheerleading, $3,000; Kayla McIntosh, Competition Cheerleading (Middle School), $1,500; Kayla McIntosh, Head Football Cheerleading (Middle School), $1,500; and Jamere Harry, Head Basketball Cheerleading (Middle School), $1,500.


John Smith, Head Volleyball (Varsity), $5,000 + 10 days; Debbie Kelley, Assistant Volleyball, $2,000.

Middle School Volleyball

Troy Williams, Head Volleyball, $1,500; Teara Powell, Assistant, $1,000.


Zach Folsom, Weightlifting/Conditioning, $1,500.


Rusty Beale, Head Baseball (Varsity), $5,000 + 10 days; Zach Folsom, Assistant Baseball (Varsity), $2,000; Buck Carter, Assistant Baseball (JV), $2,000; Jace Walker, Assistant Baseball (JV), $2,000.

Middle School Baseball

Gunner George, Head Baseball, $1,500; Troy Williams, Assistant Baseball, $1,000.


Tavaris Williams, Head Boys Track (Varsity), $2,500; Tavaris Williams, Head Girls Track (Varsity), $2,500; Ronard White, Assistant Boys Track (Varsity), $2,000; TBD, Assistant Girls Track (Varsity), $2,000; Jeremy Brown, Head Boys and Girls Track (Middle School), $3,000; Larry Cannon, Assistant Track Boys, $1,000; and Danette Harris, Assistant Track Girls, $1,000.


TBA, Head Tennis Girls (Varsity), $2,500; and TBA, Head Tennis Boys (Varsity), $2,500.


Dustin Larkin, Head Golf Boys (Varsity), $2,500; Dustin Larkin, Head Golf Girls (Varsity), $2,500; Adam Gray, Head Golf Boys (Middle School), $1,500; and Christy Stripling, Head Golf Girls (Middle School), $1,500.

Cross Country

Jonathan McDaniel, Head Cross Country (Boys Varsity), $2,500; Jonathan McDaniel, Head Cross Country (Girls Varsity), $2,500; Tonya McDaniel, Head Cross Country Boys (Middle School), $1,500; Gabriel Ponce, Assistant to Varsity and Middle School, $1,000.


Luis Tyson, Head Boys Soccer (Varsity), $2,500; Hayley Pickle, Head Girls Soccer (Varsity), $2,500; Chris Craft, Head Boys Soccer (Middle School), $1,500; and Gabriel Ponce, Head Girls Soccer (Middle School), $1,500.


Ty McDowell, $2,500.


Corey Green, Bass Fishing, $2,500.

On a motion by Sumner, seconded by Ms. Moore, the board members voted 4 to 1 to approve the coaching assignments and supplements presented as List B.

The vote was Corkey Taylor – Abstain; Chad Sumner- Yes; Sharon Locklear- Yes; Brenda Moore- Yes; and Jeff Taylor – Yes.

The B list includes:


Courtney Pearce, Head Tennis Girls (Middle School), $1,500; and Hannah Hayes, Head Tennis Boys (Middle School), $1,500.

Cross Country

Courtney Pearce, Head Cross Country Girls (Middle School), $1,500.

Out-of-state field trip

Dr. Dixon presented the following out-of-state field trip for approval: Cook High School Key Club Officers – Jacksonville, Fla. – May 1, 2023.

Motion made by Jeff Taylor; seconded by Ms. Locklear. Unanimously approved.

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  1. Coach on May 9, 2023 at 12:08 am

    How can a coordinator in football make more than the head basketball coach? Make it make sense.

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