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Cook High School announces top honor graduates

Top 3 Seniors: Halle Griffin (Salutatorian), Allie Simmons (Valedictorian), Jasmine Kaur (3rd Honor Graduate)

Amaya Durden, Student Body President, gave the welcome for Cook High School Scholastic Honors Night on Monday, April 24, 2023. 

Laura Howard conducted the Senior Introduction, and Principal Dr. Joi Williams was Master of Ceremonies.

Tetyana Ard presented the Yearbook Staff Awards: Co-Editor – Lydia Sellars and Lucas Ward; Assistant Editor – Emma Rogers; and Captions Editor – Lyric Johnson.

Elizabeth Powell presented the Art Departmental Awards: Excellence in Art – Monchez Johnson; and Outstanding in Art – Carly Davis.

Elizabeth Powell presented Drama/Theatre Department Awards: Outstanding Acting Student (Female) – Megan Lawrence; Outstanding Acting Student (Male) – Lucas Ward; Outstanding Technical Theatre Student (Female) – Carly Davis; Outstanding Theatre Newcomer Award (Female) – Morgan North; Outstanding Theatre Newcomer Award (Male) – Jordan Daniels; and Director’s Award – Carter Exum.

Elizabeth Powell presented the Choral Departmental Awards: Outstanding Male Vocalist  – Jordan Daniels; and Outstanding Female Vocalist – Megan Lawrence.

Heather Morris presented the Foreign Language Departmental Awards: 

Spanish I Non-Native Speaker – Tyler Horne (Certificate) and Matthew Sermons (Medal); Spanish I Native Speaker – Selena Velazco  (Certificate) and Yaiza Rivera (Medal).

Spanish I Honors Non-Native Speaker – Haley Cone (Certificate) and Gracyn Baldree (Medal); and Spanish I Honors Native Speaker – Josef Rivera (Medal).

Spanish II Non-Native Speaker – Jonah Bryan (Certificate) and Candler Spires  (Medal); Spanish II Native Speaker – Yuliana Romero Rodriguez (Certificate) and Nely Fernandez (Medal).

Spanish II Honors Non-Native Speaker – Hannah Griffin (Certificate) and Kinsley Howell  (Medal); Spanish II Honors Native Speaker – Heather Ortiz (Certificate) and Anahi Juarez  (Medal).

Spanish III Non-Native Speaker – Kyle Cross (Certificate) and Seth Mauldin (Medal); and Spanish III Native Speaker – Franklin Lopez-Salas (Certificate) and Yasmin Juarez  (Medal).

Justin Watson presented the Agricultural Departmental Awards: Ag Mechanics – AJ Thompson; General Horticulture & Plant Science – Haley Cone; Animal Science – Bailey Sexton; and Agriculture Leadership – Lilly Dixon.

Marsha Tillman presented the Business & Computer Science Departmental Awards: Introduction to Business/Technology – Abby Myers; Business and Technology – Jasmine Kaur; Business Communications – Jasmine Kaur; Introduction to Software Technology – Shani Patel and Kylee Dorminey; Digital Design – Samuel Perez-Hernandez; Web Design – Mariah Matchett; Computer Science Principles – Vraj Patel; Programming, Games, Apps & Society – Danny Warren; and Best All Around Business Student – Samuel Perez-Hernandez.

Marsha Tillman presented the Work-Based Learning Overall Student Award to Clayton Exum.

Constance Thomas presented the Outstanding Early Childhood Education Student Award to Zella Bickers.

Constance Thomas presented the Healthcare Science Departmental Awards: Introduction to Healthcare Science – Annaleigh Weaver; Essentials of Healthcare Science – Taylor Furman; Allied Health and Medicine – Fantaysia Durden; and Diagnostics Phlebotomy – Tykerian Mathis.

Dr. Josh Bryan presented the Engineering Departmental Awards: Foundations of Engineering – Leyton Tomlinson; Engineering Concepts – Caden McDaniel; Engineering Applications – Ethan Richardson; and Outstanding TSA Member – Aaron Eunice.

Ty McDowell presented the Audio, Video Technology & Film Departmental Awards: Audio & Video Production I – Hayden Richardson; Audio & Video Production II – Alex Ayala; Broadcast Video Applications – Waleed Ahmed; and Outstanding SkillsUSA Member – Matthew Hernandez.

Academic Awards

Heather Morris presented the Language Arts Departmental Awards: Ninth Grade Lit/Comp – Certificate to Abel Choncoa De la Cruz; Ninth Grade Lit/Comp Honors – Medal to Gabby Holiday; World Lit/Comp – Certificate to Kaden Harper; World Lit/Comp Honors – Medal to Annaleigh Weaver; American Lit/Comp – Certificate to Lyndsey Horne and Medal to Caleb Warren; American Lit Honors – Certificate to Vraj Patel and Medal to Kinsley Howell; and English Lit/Comp – Certificate to Bradley Artiaga-Trejo.

Becky Futch presented the Mathematics Departmental Awards: Algebra I Honors – Certificate to Fernando Fernandez and Medal to Gabriel Joiner; Geometry Honors – Certificate to Lomartive Ethridge and Medal to Kingsley Fisher; Algebra II Honors – Certificate to Laila Fulp and Medal to Haley Cone; and Pre-Calculus Honors – Certificates to Alyan Faisal and Seth Mauldin, and Medal to Vraj Patel.

Britt Wall presented the Science Departmental Awards: Environmental Science – Certificate to Stefano Gutierrez and Josue Hernandez Ramirez and Medal to Gabriel Joiner; Biology – Certificate to Jonah Bryan and Medal to Lamara Kinsey; Biology Honors – Certificate to Abby Myers and Medal to Leyton Tomlinson; Physical Science – Certificate to Aaron Eunice and Medal to Adam Gordy; Chemistry Honors – Certificate to Laila Fulp and Medals to Hannah Griffin and Kinsley Howell; Human Anatomy – Certificate to Jasmine Kaur and Medal to Allie Simmons; Earth Systems – Certificate to Aaliyah Ridley and Journey Mathieu, and Medal to Jeet Patel; and Forensic Science – Certificate to Gabby James and Medal to Bradley Artiaga-Trejo.

Chris May presented the Social Studies Departmental Awards: American Gov/Civics/Geo. – Certificate to Keirstyn Jacob; American Gov/Civics/Geo. Honors – Medal to Abby Myers; World History – Certificate to Sergio Hendley; World History Honors – Medal to Caden McDaniel; and U.S. History – Certificate to Caleb Warren.

The Woodmen of the World organization encourages the study of our country’s history by challenging students to make their best grades and demonstrate outstanding performance in American history. The following awards are presented from WoodmenLife Chapter 247 to the girl and boy with the highest averages in US History Honors: U.S. History Honors (Woodmen of the World Plaque) – Allana Holiday and Daniel Jenkins. 

Economics – Carly Davis (Certificate); and Economics Honors – Kolton Ogletree (Medal).

Chris May, Cook High Teacher of the Year, presented the Certificate of Merit awards from the University of Georgia. The UGA Certificate of Merit is awarded to the top 5 percent of the junior class based on a cumulative average: Jaylee Barber, Alyan Faisal, Anahi Juarez, Seth Mauldin, Zaid Odeh, Samantha Oler, Maci Padgett, Vraj Patel, Emily Quinones, Catherine Taylor, Ny’Shaun Wallace, and Landon Williams.

Adel-Cook County Chamber of Commerce President Heather Green presented STAR Student and Teacher recognition.

The PAGE Student Teacher Achievement Recognition (STAR) program is sponsored, administered and promoted by the Professional Association of Georgia Educators (PAGE) and the PAGE Foundation. High school seniors must have the highest score on a single test date on the SAT and be in the top 10 percent or one of the top 10 students of their class based on grade point average to qualify for STAR nomination.

Each year, the Adel-Cook Chamber has the honor of recognizing these individuals for their hard work and dedication.

We are very proud to recognize Cook High School senior Jay Patel as the 2023 PAGE STAR Student. Jay selected Mrs. Hope Weaver, a healthcare science teacher at Cook High School, as his STAR Teacher. Congratulations to Jay Patel and Mrs. Hope Weaver.


Scholastic Top Ten awards are given to the top 10 students per class for this specific school year. These awards are based on an average for the first three Quarters.

Gabe Hammock presented the Ninth Grade Top 10 students: Laney Betts, Gabrielle Clanton, Lomartive Ethridge, Kingsley Fisher, Kaden Goreczny, Mia McDaniel, Wes McIntyre, Abby Myers, Leyton Tomlinson, and Brody Young.

9th Grade—2nd Highest Average: Leyton Tomlinson; and 9th Grade—Highest Average: Abby Myers.

Gabe Hammock presented the 10th Grade Top 10 students (11 students honored due to a tie for 10th): Gracyn Baldree, Haley Cone

Laila Fulp, Hannah Griffin, Kinsley Howell, Maggie Kelley, Andrew May, Bradley McDaniel, Samantha Patton, Jed Rountree, and Marlee Sharp.

10th Grade—2nd Highest Average: Haley Cone; and 10th Grade—Highest Average: Kinsley Howell.

Paula Simmons presented the 11th Grade Top 10 students: Jaylee Barber, Alyan Faisal, Tyler Horne, Franklin Lopez-Salas, Seth Mauldin, Maci Padgett, Vraj Patel, Catherine Taylor, Ny’Shaun Wallace, and Landon Williams.

11th Grade—2nd Highest Average: Seth Mauldin; and 11th Grade—Highest Average: Maci Padgett.

Dr. Joi Williams presented the 12th Grade Top 10 students: Lilly Dixon, Clayton Exum, Jasmine Kaur, Kate Lawrence, Drew Martin, Noah Norman, Jay Patel, Jeet Patel, Allie Simmons, and Danny Warren.

12th Grade—2nd Highest Average: Allie Simmons; and 12th Grade—Highest Average: Jasmine Kaur.

Dr. Williams presented the 1st Highest Overall Average for Grades 9-12: Kinsley Howell.

Dr. Williams presented to Top Three Honor Graduates. These awards are given to the top three students of the senior class based on a cumulative average throughout high school:

Third Honor – Jasmine Kaur; Salutatorian –  Halle Griffin; and Valedictorian – Allie Simmons.

The event concluded with closing statements by Dr. Williams.  

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