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School board approves major employee changes

Six changes in principal, assistant principal positions

The Cook County Board of Education voted unanimously Monday evening, May 9, 2022, to approve a “Reorganization of Cook County Schools 2022-2023” involving major employee changes.
Superintendent of Schools Dr. Tim Dixon recommended the transfers or reassignments of administrative personnel in accordance with board policies. He presented to the school board a list of proposed changes.
The board met in a nearly hour-long executive session, closed to the public for discussion of personnel matters, during Monday’s work session.
During the regular session following the work session, Board Member Sharon Locklear made a motion, seconded by Board Member Brenda Moore, to approve the school reorganization plan. All voted in favor.
The transfers include:
• Mr. Leslie Folsom, from Cook Primary School Principal to Central Office Learning Loss Program. He will be working with Title Programs, Student Services, and bus discipline referrals, Dr. Dixon said.
• Mrs. Jeanne Dixon, from CPS Assistant Principal to CPS Principal.
• Dr. Jessica Russell, from CPS Academic Coach to Cook Middle School Assistant Principal.
• Gabe Hammock, from Cook Elementary School Principal to Cook High School Assistant Principal.
• Mrs. Jennifer Green, from CMS Assistant Principal to CES Principal.
• Mr. Richard Herrin, from CHS Assistant Principal, CTAE Director, and Safety Coordinator to CTAE and Safety Director. Mr. Herrin’s position will be a district-wide position, but his office will remain at the high school, Dr. Dixon said.
The transfers will be effective July 1, 2022.
On Tuesday, Dr. Dixon was meeting with teachers and staff at the schools to discuss the changes in administration.
Meanwhile, the school system administration was conducting interviews this week with job candidates to succeed Dr. Eric McFee as Cook High School principal. Dr. McFee recently took the position of superintendent in Grady County Schools. Dr. Joi Williams has been serving as Cook High interim principal.
Also during Monday’s work session, Cook County Schools Human Resources Director Dr. Courtney Holley presented a list of recommended personnel hirings and actions:
• Kahli Crews, Teacher (Replacement, Effective July 28, 2022).
• Hope Giddens, Para (Replacement, Effective July 28, 2022).
• Hannah Hayes, Para (Replacement, Effective July 28, 2022).
• Jessica Cardin, Para (Replacement, Effective July 28, 2022).
• Heather Godwin, Para (Replacement, Effective July 28, 2022).
• Alejandra Solorzano Hutchinson (Effective July 28, 2022).
• Kaitlyn Maughon (Effective July 28, 2022).
• Jordan Smith (Residency, Effective July 28, 2022).
• Roberta Shiver (Replacement, Effective July 28, 2022).
• Chelsea Mefford (Replacement, Effective July 28, 2022).
• Gabriel Ponce (Residency, Effective July 28, 2022).
• Tori Voorhees (Replacement, Effective July 28, 2022).
• Teandra Golden (Replacement, Effective July 28, 2022).
• Kyle Hanson (Replacement, Effective July 28, 2022).
• John Robbins, E3 and Credit Recovery (Replacement, Effective July 28, 2022).
• Katherine Demo, Teacher (Replacement, Effective July 28, 2022).
• Harlee Webb – Art (Replacement, Effective July 28, 2022).
Bus Monitor
Mary Love
• Candace Rountree, CMS SPED Teacher to CMS General Education Teacher.
• Ray Bloser, Bus Monitor to Bus Driver.
• Ronard White, CMS SPED Teacher to CHS SPED Teacher.
• Carolyn Kaiser, SPED Teacher, Effective May 24, 2022.
• Sandra Sawyer, CHS Art Teacher, Effective May 24, 2022.
• Brandi Howze, CPS Paraprofessional, Effective May 24, 2022.
• Kelli Vance, CPS Teacher, Effective May 24, 2022.
During Monday’s regular BOE session, Board Member Chad Sumner made a motion to approve the personnel recommendations. Board Member Locklear seconded. The vote in favor was unanimous.
Also during the work session, Dr. Holley presented recommended additions to coaching assignments for 2022-2023:
Basketball – Charles Clayton, Community Coach.
Wrestling – Trenton Mathis, Assistant Varsity; and John Robbins, Head Middle.
Baseball – Jace Walker, Assistant (JV).
Middle School Baseball – Gunner George, Head Coach; Troy Williams, Assistant Baseball.
Soccer – Gabriel Ponce, Head Girls Soccer (Middle School).
During the regular BOE session, Board Member Brenda Moore made a motion, seconded by Sharon Locklear, to approve the coaching assignments. All voted in favor.

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