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Adel Council approves alcohol licenses and year-end budget adjustments

Adel Mayor Buddy Duke called to order the Monday, Dec. 18, 2023, meeting of the Adel City Council.  

Council Members present were Terry McClain, Greg Paige, Celestine Hayes, and Jody Greene. Council Member Walter Cowart was present by teleconference.

Others present:  City Manager Mark Barber, City Clerk Rhonda Rowe, City Attorney Tim Tanner, members of staff, and the public.

Councilman McClain gave the invocation, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Approval of minutes  Councilman Paige made a motion to approve the minutes of Nov. 20, 2023, as presented. Councilman McClain seconded with all in favor.

Alcohol license application (Hayan 9 LLC)

The Council was presented with an alcohol license application from Hayan 9 LLC d/b/a Gaskins Grocery, located at 1103 S. Hutchinson Ave. The required payment and submittal of all documentation has been completed and reviewed.

Councilman Paige made a motion to approve the issuance of the license.  Councilman Greene seconded. The decision was unanimous.

Alcohol license renewals

The Council was presented with a list of current alcohol license holders who have completed the requirements for a 2024 renewal license and are as follows:

Sophia Mart, Inc.; Heny Enterprises, Inc.; Krina & Shiv, LLC; Keshav 8, LLC; Kakezai, Inc.; Super Petroleum 22, Inc.; Reynolds IGA Foodliner, Inc.; Happy Management, LLC; ADEL SAI 1995, LLC; Super Petroleum 23, Inc.; Shree Verai Mata, LLC; Wal-Mart Stores East, LP; J Mar Industries, LLC; Deeplaxmi 9, LLC; Super Petroleum 21, Inc.; Mehgi Corporation; Circle K Stores, Inc.; and Rudyjose Restaurant Services, LLC.

Councilman Greene made a motion to approve the renewal applications. Councilman McClain seconded. There were no opposing votes.

Lawn mower purchase

Three quotes were received on a lawn mower for use by the Street Department to maintain city rights-of-way. The mower is an approved Fiscal Year 2024 capital item.  

The quotes were as follows: Chris’ Mower Clinic, $10,659; Stone’s Outdoor Power, $11,000; and Powerhouse Outdoors, $11,595.62.

Councilman McClain made a motion to approve the low bid.  Councilman Cowart seconded with all in favor.

Fiscal Year 2022 Budget adjustments

City Manager Mark Barber explained that the State Department of Audits “recommends and allows you to make budget amendments to reflect transactions more accurately at fiscal year end by matching budget to actual transactions.”

The proposed adjustments will reduce the City’s revenue budget as well as the expenditure budget.  

Barber noted that the major revenue amendments are the result of: (1) the original budget included $5 million in loan proceeds for property that was not purchased for a City Hall; (2) received $551,000 from a Transportation Enhancement (TE) Grant that was not included in budget appropriations; (3) received $55,000 for rent proceeds on tower leases not included in original appropriations; and (4) received $1.2 million from Georgia Transportation Infrastructure Bank (GTIB) loan proceeds not included in the original budget appropriations. The remaining differences consist of various positives/negatives in individual line items. It was also noted that a revenue and expenditure budget for the asset forfeiture fund needs to be approved.

Councilman McClain made a motion to approve a revenue amendment decreasing the general fund revenue budget for FY2022 by $2,581,730, as well as decreasing the general fund expenditure budget for FY2022 by $3,799,655. Councilman McClain’s motion also included amending the budget by establishing budget amounts for the asset forfeiture fund in the amount of $15,375 for both revenues and expenditures. Councilman Greene seconded with all in favor.

Staff comments

Mark Barber – • Introduced Carly Morris who is attending the council meeting on behalf of the Junior Chamber of Commerce Board.

• Introduced Tambra Griffins, the new code enforcement officer. Ms. Griffins stated her overall goal is to help bring people together to clean up the city.

• Reminded the Council of the Employee Christmas Luncheon to be held Dec. 21, 2023.

Council Comments

Celestine Hayes – Inquired about the construction of Alabama Road. Work is being done on this construction, but nothing yet on Lavind Way, she said.

The city manager said there is some work being done on Lavind Way “in the form of engineering, just nothing you can visibly see yet.” He will follow up to see when mobilization for the roadwork can be expected.

Terry McClain – Asked about an update on the cryptocurrency moratorium.  

City Attorney Tim Tanner advised he will have an ordinance ready for a first reading in January.  Councilman McClain said he would like to have a work session on the ordinance.  

Executive session  Councilman McClain made a motion to enter into executive session (closed to the public) to discuss a legal matter.  Councilman Greene seconded. All were in favor.

Following executive session, there was no further business, and the meeting was adjourned.

EDITOR’S NOTE – The Dec. 4, 2023, meeting was cancelled.

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