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Adel Council renews contract for probation services

Mayor Buddy Duke called to order the Monday, April 3, 2023, meeting of the Adel City Council. 

Council Members present were Jody Greene, Terry McClain, Celestine Hayes, Walter Cowart, and Greg Paige.

Others present were City Manager Mark Barber, Administrative Assistant Pam Hamilton, City Attorney Tim Tanner, Police Chief Chad Castleberry, and members of the public.

The invocation was given by Councilman McClain.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Councilman Paige.

Approval of minutes of March 6, 2023 Councilman Paige made a motion to approve the meeting minutes as presented. Councilman McClain provided the second. All were in favor.

Consideration of zoning change

Greg Paige made a motion to enter into a public hearing to gain input on the rezoning application filed by Donald and Lea Hazel.

Terry McClain seconded the unanimous decision.

The application requests that property located at 300 E. Fourth St., between South Cleveland Avenue and South Gordon Avenue be rezoned from RP (Residential Professional) to GB (General Business). The rezoning is being requested in order that a small bakery can operate. The current building holds a law office and will continue to be so with the addition of the bakery. 

Lea Hazel spoke in favor of the rezoning, and no one spoke against.

Councilman Paige made a motion to come out of the public hearing, and Councilman McClain seconded.

New business

Alcohol application for Adel Food Mart

Due to a change in ownership, the applicant was required to apply for a new license. The business is located at 615 N. Hutchinson

Ave. The applicant requested a retail malt beverage package license and a retail wine package license. 

Jody Greene made a motion to approve this application. Greg Paige seconded, and all were in favor.

Contract renewal for probation services

The contract for municipal court probation services expired on Jan. 16, 2023. Currently, A.D. Probation Services provides supervision of all defendants placed on probation through the City’s Municipal Court. 

The new contract is for a period of five years. The only change from the current contract is the addition of an electronic reporting feature. Councilwoman Hayes asked if the defendants will be asked questions through this equipment. Ms. Hayes also asked for the number of supervisors per the number of probationers.

Daniel Hancock said the average number of probationers is currently 230. 

Walter Cowart made a motion to approve this contract, and Jody Greene seconded the unanimous decision.

Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia Election Committee representative and Election Committee alternate: Resolution #23-03 (MGAG Voting Delegate)

Mayor Duke said he is currently the Election Committee representative and John Flythe serves as the alternate. Celestine Hayes asked where these elections took place. Mayor Duke said they are held in different locations. 

Jody Greene made a motion to appoint Mayor Duke as the Election Committee representative and City Manager Mark Barber as the alternate. Walter Cowart seconded, and all were in favor.

Electric Department transformer inventory replacement bids

Mayor Duke said the City needed to purchase a 500 KVA and a 300 KVA pad mount transformer to replenish those taken from inventory. 

Three quotes were received and were as follows:

• Gresco, $44,500, 30 days delivery time. 

• Irby, $53,799, 2nd quarter 2025 delivery time.

• Tri-State, $70,000, 60-70 weeks delivery time. 

Greg Paige made a motion to accept the low bid of Gresco, and Terry McClain seconded the unanimous decision.

Public comments

Dr. Treva Gear

Dr. Gear said her first consideration was that the Council either change the time of the Council Meetings or change the day. She said the Council meeting currently begins at 5:30 p.m. and the County Commissioners meeting begins at 6 p.m. on the first and third Mondays of each month. 

She said making changes to the time or date would ensure all citizens the ability to attend both meetings.

Dr. Gear said the second item was ethics. She said she wanted the City of Adel to be a City of Ethics. She explained that ethics is not written into the City charter. 

Dr. Gear said the reason she brings this up is because there have been several times during the Council meetings that there were conflicts of interest. She said that currently on the Council is a general manager and this person voted in favor of a company that wanted to come to Adel when in fact he actually should have recused himself. She said there is another Council member who owns a business and does not necessarily use City water, but uses an alternate source for water. 

Dr. Gear said these are all issues that should be considered as “not being transparent.” She asked, “If it is not wrong, then why is it hidden?” 

Dr. Gear said most of the Council members live in the more affluent part of the community, “the east side,” while the others live on the “poverty side” or west side. She said this can impact items that are voted on and can cause problems not just for today, but for the days to come. 

Dr. Gear thanked the Council for allowing her the time to speak.

Celestine Hayes

Councilwoman Hayes wanted to know if the Mayor had met with the six cities concerning the Blockstream penalties.

Mayor Duke said it had not taken place. He added that the consultant is working on this issue. 

Ms. Hayes then said she wanted to know if former City Manager John Flythe “had returned the computer that he had taken when he left here and who gave him the right to take it.”

Mayor Duke said Flythe had asked him if he could take the computer and he (the Mayor) told him that he could. 

Ms. Hayes then wanted to know if the computer had been returned, and City Manager Barber said Flythe had 

returned all of the equipment that was taken. 

Councilwoman Hayes then wanted to know if there might have been “any compromised information” on

the computer. 

Mayor Duke said Flythe had had the computer for 11 years and had worked at the City for 35 years, and the Mayor did “not feel like there was anything compromising” on the computer. 

Terry McClain made a motion to adjourn.

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