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Sheriff’s Office to take over policing in Cecil

Sheriff Doug Hanks and Capt. Brent Exum discussed with the County Commission on Monday, Feb. 6, 2023, that the Sheriff’s Office will be taking over policing in the City of Cecil.

Cecil Mayor James Spencer sent a letter that states he wants the Sheriff’s Office to provide law enforcement coverage in that town because Cecil is suspending their Police Department. No time limit has been placed on the Sheriff’s Office complete coverage of Cecil.

Sheriff Hanks noted that even with a police department, Cecil didn’t have 24/7 police coverage. The Sheriff’s Office already was helping Cecil out as the agency does Lenox and Sparks, he said.

Capt. Exum said the Sheriff’s Office over the past month had answered 37 to 38 calls in Cecil. He said he didn’t have totals on how many calls the City of Cecil Police Department had handled.

No formal agreement was announced, but the Sheriff’s Office will need to make staffing adjustments to provide full coverage in Cecil.

Also during the Monday, Feb. 6, 2023, work session of the Cook County Board of Commissioners:

Hilliard Road concerns

Steve Meders, a resident of Hilliard Road, discussed the road’s poor condition, with potholes on the edge in some areas. He described it as the “worst road I ride on.”

The Commissioners responded that there are several other problem roads they are having to address and they will be making repairs there, too, as soon as possible.

Road Department report

Road Superintendent Scot Harnage gave an update on roadwork and equipment. He discussed a request for replacing pipe in a driveway on Val-Del Road, which will be resurfaced in a Georgia Department of Transportation project. The Board took no action on the request during the Feb. 6 regular session. The residents involved were not present for the meeting. 

County Administrator Faye Hughes opened sealed bids for a tractor and flex-wing mower. After much discussion, the Board tabled action until more information could be received. None of the bids followed the advertisement specs for a five-year warranty. (The Adel News will have more information on action on the bid at the Feb. 20 meeting of the County Commissioners.)

Regular session action items

The Board approved the minutes from the prior meeting and went into an executive session, closed to the public, to discuss a legal matter with County Attorney Daniel Connell. 

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