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Super neighbors pitch in to help after tornado

Churches, individuals and groups such as the Hornet baseball team, and local government agencies joined forces last week to help with relief and cleanup efforts after an EF-2 tornado smashed through Adel on late Sunday afternoon, Jan. 22, 2023.

The City’s Public Works Department cleaned tree debris, sawing logs to haul away in dump trucks.

Thankfully, no one was injured, although the twister damaged about two dozen homes in the Kent Thomas subdivision area, mainly by sending trees and parts of trees crashing down, and demolished a warehouse and a lawn service’s building near the Adel-Sparks overpass on Highway 41. The storm forced the closing of Community Christian Academy in the former Cook High School until power could be restored a few days later.

The EF-2 twister damaged about two dozen homes in the Kent Thomas subdivision area.

As the cleanup continued later into the week, personnel from the Cook County Emergency Management Agency, Cook County Road Department, and Cook County Sheriff’s Office met a truck and trailer sent from Convoy of Hope in St. Louis, Missouri, and off loaded disaster relief supplies. Local officials were grateful for the supplies and the strong partnership that Cook County has with Convoy of Hope and the incredible service they provide. 

The supplies were stationed at and were being distributed with the assistance of Adel First Assembly and Pastor Nick Kinsey.

Convoy of Hope reported that more than 200 families were impacted by the tornado, leaving their homes damaged and/or many without power until it was restored for most.

Convoy of Hope was providing essential resources like tarps, cleaning supplies, plastic storage totes, trash bags, and personal hygiene kits.

After the City of Adel Electric Department completed their work restoring lines, the City’s Public Works Department was busy for days cleaning up tree debris, actually having to saw up logs so they could be placed in dump trucks to be hauled off. Roofing contractors were on the scene, too. Some of the home repairs are expected to take months to complete.    

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