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SGMC Honors Benka as Hospital Hero

By Erika Bennett

South Georgia Medical Center honored Wendy Benka, practice manager for multiple SGMC clinics, as the Hospital Hero at its monthly Board of Directors meeting.

Benka was honored for her leadership and servant attitude during the operation of SGMC’s COVID-19 Infusion Center.

According to Chief Human Resources Officer Brenda Alexander, “Often times it is the clinical staff that are recognized for going above and beyond to help our patients, but what some fail to realize is that there are numerous people behind the scenes that help the organization run flawlessly every day.”

Benka stepped outside of her regular job duties to provide support wherever needed, whether it was patient registration, supply management, coordination of environmental services, or even relieving staff for breaks and lunches. Alexander shared that Benka was knowledgeable about the entire process and did everything with a smile on her face.

Benka provided invaluable support to the staff so they could adequately care for the hundreds of patients coming to the clinic each day.

Benka received a standing ovation from those in attendance.

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